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Burnfit247 is Bannockburn's most central Gym.

At Burnfit we help busy people get healthy and strong.













Our Gyms mission is to help the people of our community be confident in their bodies and to achieve sustainable fitness they can take with them through life.

We acknowledge Bannockburn is a growing community with lots of young families that why we are here to help empower the young people of our community as well, to enable them to be confident and strong in pursuit of their health and sporting goals.

We do this by going above and beyond for our members. Offering Personalised services, Personal Training, Small Group Training and Personalised Programming with 24 hour gym access included. 




Stop looking at a future full of pain, physical struggle, health worries and kids who feel you are borring! We are here to help you, life is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest with loved ones.

We help busy people who are

  • Suddenly feeling heavy making daily life a physical struggle.

  • Noticing they are loosing all their muscle quite quickly and their bodies are begining to sag.

  • Suffering with constant joint pain.

  • Feeling flabby and finding it impossible to find nice clothes that fit.

  • Terrified they wont be able to enjoy grandkids or explore the outdoors in the future.

Join us today and just like all our clients you too will



  • feel like the best Mum or Dad, Nan or Pop ever as you run and play with the kids.

  • have stronger, pain free joints.

  • regain your confidence and enjoy moving your body and exploing the great outdoors.

  • enjoy socalising again and looking great when your clothes fit beautifully. 

Change your life today by joining us


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