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Personal Training

Personal Training
Personal Training

Be Strong  Be Fit  Be You

Liam H

Strength and Conditioning for young athletes

Anna Furniss

Personal Training for Women over 40


Anna has been helping women in Bannockburn overcome physical struggles since 2021. Anna has always been passionate about overcoming mental and physical obstacles she loves solving problems and empowering women to pursue their dreams.


Since 2021 Anna has helped many women over come years of knee pain, poor mobility and lower back pain. Anna has helped women with diagnosed osteoporosis hugely improve their bone density.

Stop looking at a future full of pain, physical struggle, health worries and kids who feel you are boring!

We are here to help you, life is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest with loved ones.

Liam has always had a passion for sport and physical development particularly with athletes. Liam completed his Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2023 and is a accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Liam specialises in training youth and athletic populations, helping them reach their potential inside or outside of a sporting setting, supporting them physically and mentally every step of their journey.

Liam is currently working within the Western Bulldogs AFL club when he is not at Burnfit as well as umpiring for Basketball Victoria.

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