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Anna Furniss



Personal Trainer - "Habitual Health" 


Anna helps people who feel weak, tired and limited in their movement, who want to stop dieting and are looking for a more healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Anna’s mission is to enable others to reach sustainable health and fitness regardless of their starting point. Understanding that everyone’s journey is different, she prides herself on creating truly personalised programs based on individual needs.


Become one of Anna's clients today and you too will not only experience fat loss and strength gains but you will leave her sessions feeling empowered, understood and excited to come back.


Specialities: Strength, mobility, habit change, goal setting, sport specific training, fat loss, nutrition, women's health.





Liam Harrison


Personal Trainer


Hi, my name is Liam Harrison. I am an exercise professional in Bannockburn VIC and I have just joined Burnfit 247. 

I have always been involved in sport in one way or another. I understand the want to be the best, fastest or most powerful on the team, whether that is on or off the field, or just being the best athlete you can.

I had dreams of having a career in Basketball but that all came to a halt in 2020 when I was injured and needed an Ankle reconstruction. 

Once I got the all clear from my surgeon I knew I had to start strengthening all the muscles in my legs again, but didnt know what I could and couldn't do or where to start, the task seemed really daunting. I was determined to get back out into the world and continue on with my Basketball Career but I could barely run. I started to become a bit miserable about the whole situation until I found someone to guide and coach me through my rehabilitation.  

I became an exercise professional to help aspiring young athletes achieve their dreams. Whether you are just beginning your pursuit of an athletic career or rebuilding after injury I can help you be the best, fastest or most powerful on the team.



·Sports Specific Training - Stregnth and Conditioning - Rehabilitation

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