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Returning to Exercise as a new Mum

Less than 12 months postnatal and thinking about getting back into exercise?

Before commencing any higher intensity type exercise including running and fitness classes ask yourself have you....

Had your 6 or 8 week check with your GP Did your GP check you for abdominal diastasis (ab separation)

Experianced or experiancing leaking (incontinance)

Pelvic Pain (esp during sex)

Experianced feeling of heaviness down there

As not only an exercise professional but a mum who has returned to exercise after giving birth and experienced Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, I highly recommend seeing a Women's Health Physio. A women's health physio will check your pelvic floor function, help you learn how it works and how to make it work optimally you will learn SO much.

For those of you who are a mum - regardless of your age or the age of your children it is NEVER to late to strengthen your pelvic floor and it is never to late to see a womens health physio!

While our pelvic floor is incredibly important and returning to exercise in a safe manor is cruicial so is being kind to ourselves.

Set your expectations and remember your body is different now but different doesn't have to be bad - Infact different can very well be better.

If you exercises regularly previously you might find now you have a little less time and that can sometimes be frustraiting especailly if long cardio or heavy weight sessions where your thing.

Remembering bubs is only this old for a short period of time when you look at the big picture. You will get your time back again in a few years.

Changing the way you exercise could be an option

Long walks with the pram and building to runs if its your thing

Focusing more on maintaining your muscle and joint health with a couple of full body sessions each week.

Joining a gym that is smaller and quieter where you can comfortably bring bubz along in the pram could be an option.

Finding a personal trainer who is a mum and who specialises in womens health and is trained in pre and post natal care can support you and help you find your way through all these new things.

Having a baby is a wonderful thing. It is hard but it helps us be more resiliant, it teaches us to love unconditionally and our bodies can be stronger than ever before even after a baby.

3 things I have learnt from being a mum who likes to lift heavy shit is that

1. Pelvic Floor and Core is Queen

2. Your body will be different but it can be better

3. Time is valuable, you cannot get it back

If your a mum - new or not looking to get back into exercise we have a special Mothers Day offer.

4 week 24hr Gym Access

4 week Program for Mum's

45min Assessment and Introduction

Bonus Week 4 Progress and Whats Next assessment.

Sign up using the Mothers Day Offer Button below


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