what we offer

At Burnfit 247 we offer a fun and friendly 24hr gym equipped with everything you need to begin or continue your fitness journey.


We have a range of cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, functional training gear and a stretch area that will give you all the options you need to give your body an all over work out...

how does the 24 hour system work?

Our FOB system enables you to access the gym around the clock and our 24hr surveillance and safety lanyards mean that you can be assured of a safe workout at any time of the day. The gym is under 24 hour surveillance and we ask our gym users to wear the safety lanyards if there are three people or less in the gym. 


As a small community gym, we are only staffed during certain hours of the day. If unforeseen circumstances arise we may not be in attendance in exact accordance with our advertised staffing hours. If you need to see staff, it is best to call on 0402 467 121  before coming in.


If you are enquiring about a new membership or want to access the gym as a casual member then you are advised to make an appointment with a staff member to avoid coming in and not being able to gain access to the gym.

what to expect in your first week

We understand that beginning your fitness journey can be overwhelming and we aim to hold your hand through your initial appointment. At your induction we take you through the gym explaining all the nitty-gritties of being a member such as where the lights are, how to work the TVs (you know the important stuff), the FOB system, safety lanyards and all that essential gym etiquette.


We then go through your physical assessment form (PAR-Q) with you so that we can tailor a program taking into account any medical conditions, old football knees, netball ankles and other chronic injuries. We love to discuss your reasons for joining the gym and help you to set some goals to motivate and inspire you and to further tailor your training program.


We will walk you step-by-step through your gym program ensuring that you are comfortable with how the machines work and that you are using the correct lifting techniques. Even if you have been a gym member with us or elsewhere we like to ensure that you are using our equipment in the safest and most appropriate way. If you choose not to go through the induction process with us we simply ask that you sign a waiver to say that you have chosen to skip this step.

membership pricing

We have a range of membership options to suit all types of personalities from the super-keen “I just want to pay it all now” type to the scared-of-commitment “I don’t want to be  in a contract  type and everyone in between.


We recommend that to keep you motivated to reach your goals you sign up for a minimum term of 6 months to encourage you to continue with exercise but we completely understand if you’re not willing to make this commitment.

As a member we offer you the benefit of inviting your friends to join you for casual sessions for a reduced price of $10 per casual visit. All guests must sign a casual users form the first time they attend.

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Min. 6 month Contract Lifestyle

(price per week)


No Contract - Jump Start

price per week


Up-front 6 months


Up –front 12 months

(save $95)


Joining Fee

(waived for first-time joiners)


Casual Users*

(price per session)


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Other charges


(Your key to the door)


Direct Debit Admin Fee

(one off charge)


Direct Debit (Bank Account)

(per transaction)


Direct Debit (Credit Card)

(per transaction. Amex and Diners not available)


Early cancelation fee

applies when canceling contract membership before six months


Direct Debit Dishonour Fee


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* Casual Users  Casual sessions are only available during staffed hours. 

Prior to your first casual visit you ,must complete a CASUAL USER AGREEMENT and PAR-Q. 

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